Print Your Face With 3D Printing at Staples in Studio City

Why buy the printer when you can get your face scanned and printed in 3D at Staples in Studio City?

The future is here (I keep saying that but I guess that’s because it’s true – the things we only fantasized about on Star Trek, like video chat, are becoming real now) and it can be printed in 3D at Staples.

3D printers have been available to consumers for a while, but what consumer really needs one in her house besides the jewelry maker, amirite? I mean, sure you could buy a thousand dollar 3D printer to make doodads for your kids but honestly do you really need another electronic dust collector after the first few weeks of novelty wear off?



Don’t get me wrong, the doodads are cool. But I have enough plastic crap made in China, I don’t need to make it here.

No. Better to go to Staples to get your cool 3D thing printed out. You couldn’t do it up until now, and you can still only do it in two places in America, and one of them is right near us in Studio City.

3D Printing Services are offered as a pilot program here and in New York City. Staples offers services from concept to delivery. Say your kid wants to design and create something in 3D for a school project, or you want to make a miniature version of yourself and your fiancee for a personalized cake topper. You can go into the design center and work with a pro who will help you create the file, and either print it right then and there or have it done offsite and shipped directly to you.

3D Printing at Staples
12605 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
More info (including a photo of my friend Deborah checking out the printers!)