Reyes Adobe Days 2012 – Photos

This is the first year since we moved to Agoura Hills that I was in town for Reyes Adobe Days.  Conversely, my husband was OUT of town, so once again the kids had to experience our city’s celebration with one parent.

No matter.

We walked down to the corner of Thousand Oaks and Reyes Adobe just before Saturday morning’s parade started and got a nice spot on the corner.  It wasn’t exactly the Rose Parade, so there was plenty of room for spectators.  The parade was adorable, with the major exception of the bizarre practice of throwing candy to the children watching from the sidelines.  Many of the parade participants did this, tossing candy or even other treats like pencils and erasers.  The downside of this practice is that the children started not caring about who was in the parade, just what the people would throw to them.  Also, many of the kids lost their little minds and fought over the spoils, or paid no attention to their own safety and nearly ran under the slow-moving wheels of the vehicles that towed or led each attraction.

Minus one for that, Parade.  Otherwise, it was really sweet.

After the parade we walked down to Reyes Adobe Park for another small-town celebration.  Kid 1 met each of 6 or 7 old-timey activity challenges and got his card stamped by each one, thereby earning himself…a coupon for a free kid’s meal at a local restaurant.  Free with the purchase of one adult meal.  I call lame prize, Festival. Minus one for that!  Otherwise, the festival was quite lovely.

And now, the photos.  Click through to view the set on Flickr in larger sizes.

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