Drink Recipe: Volcano Screwdriver with Mongibello Blood Orange Juice

What! A blog post? Yes, I do still blog from time to time. In fact, I have a backlog of posts just waiting for me to finish and publish. It’s just that, well, life gets in the way sometimes, okay a lot of times. But never fear – I have come upon a chunk of free time in my schedule so I’m returning to this blog that I love, in the town I love. Stay with me here, because there’s a tasty cocktail at the end of this post.

Mongibello Juice glass

What you see here is some pretty amazing juice. It is Mongibello Blood Orange Juice, available at Bristol Farms and on sale through October 16 (that’s next Tuesday, so make your field trip to Bristol Farms NOW). The orange trees grow on the side of Mt. Etna in Italy, where the soil is perfect and the juice is squeezed fresh, then frozen for its journey all the way to us in The Bubble. That means it tastes heavenly.

What’s great about Mongibello Blood Orange Juice is that it’s not only delicious for the whole family, but also, you can make a cocktail out of it!

Because Mt. Etna is a volcano, I went for a volcano-inspired hybrid cocktail this time. May I present to you…

The Volcano Screwdriver with Mongibello Orange Juice:

Part mimosa, part volcano, part screwdriver, but all Mongibello, and all delicious. I know because let’s just say I tasted several versions of this recipe until I got it just right.

mongibello juice volcano screwdriver

Volcano Screwdriver with Mongibello Orange Juice


3/4 cup Mongibello Blood Orange Juice
1 1/2 ounces raspberry vodka
1/2 ounce Prosecco
fresh raspberries for garnish


Mix juice and vodka in a shaker with ice.
Divide mix into two Champagne flutes. This will fill them 2/3 to 3/4 full.
Add Prosecco to fill.
Top with a splash of raspberry vodka.
Garnish with raspberries.

mongiobello juice drinks


Mongibello Blood Orange Juice is available at Bristol Farms and on Amazon 
You can follow Mongibello Juice on Instagram for recipes, serving suggestions, and inspiration!

This is a sponsored post. All ideas, opinions, and preference for a little extra vodka are my own. This recipe got “two enthusiastic thumbs up” from Sybil, my taster. 

mongiobello juice top of glass


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