Chatbooks Instagram Cards – the Easiest Holiday Cards You’ll Ever Make

chatbooks instagram cards return address

If most of my family photos eventually end up on Instagram, doesn’t it make sense to use the app to make my holiday cards? That’s what Chatbooks thought too, so it came up with the Instagram card function in its holiday card department! All you have to do is open Chatbooks, integrate with Instagram, and select the Instagram card option. The app automatically pulls in 4-9 of your most-liked photos from the year.

Luckily you can then customize it by swapping out photos, otherwise mine would have pictures of temporary tattoos and a DeLorean in it. I’m sure I’d get a lot of questions.

Easy Design

Here’s the number one reason it was so easy: there’s only one design option. This layout:

chatbooks instagram cards screenshots

Choosing a holiday card layout is the stage that takes me the longest in making my cards every year. This year it was a snap! I made the initial draft with my phone in the app, and then pulled some different photos in to complete the design, and ordered my shipment. It arrived about a week later. (This means you still have time.)

Great Quality

chatbooks instagram cards

I’m impressed with the quality of the card stock and the printing. It’s hefty weight paper and the colors look fine. It’s not too good to be true! The only thing that’s not super top-notch is the free return address printed on the back of the envelope. It seems like I did it on my own printer at home. But hey, it’s included. (The blurry second line is my fabulous digital artwork.)

I recommend Chatbooks Instagram cards if you haven’t yet done yours and you want to take care of it quickly. No deliberation or second-guessing yourself. Boom, you’re done and you can settle in to make your list, check it twice, and get yourself in the holiday mood.

Chatbooks Instagram Cards
$1 per card with free shipping – use the smartphone app for the Instagram option

I received a complimentary set of cards to facilitate this review.

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