Vegetable Garden: Week 4

IMG_1786This is where anyone who comes to this site regularly is saying “You’re kidding. Not another vegetable garden post. Doesn’t anything else happen in Agoura Hills?”

Well of course, silly. There’s a lot going on up in this joint, but I’m obsessed with my vegetable garden, so that’s that.

Week 4:


The fava beans are okay – two of the plants have flowers and the rest have yellowing leaves. They are all getting taller. I am wondering if I need to pinch the flowers off to encourage the plant to grow bigger so the beans will fruit when they are supposed to. And maybe I need to fertilize the yellowing plants.

The kale is getting taller. The change is hard to see. The mystery bulbs are getting taller too.


And the rosemary bush is just sitting there, looking fine, but not getting any bigger.


Meanwhile, I’ve been reading about vegetable gardening in a book and online. I discovered that you can luck out and get free seeds, seedlings, or cuttings from people on Craigslist and Freecycle, so I found a lady who was giving away cuttings from a passion fruit vine, and now I have four jars of cuttings on my kitchen counter. If they grow roots, I’ll plant them…somewhere.

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