Just Do It: Vegetable Garden

Okay, Agoura Hills. It’s time.

I’m going to take this gray, sad, lonely patch of dirt and turn it into a vegetable garden.

vegetable garden - before

Pros: growing my own vegetables! I am consuming a ton of vegetables now because I have changed my diet (long story, more on that some other time) and I think it would be convenient and possibly cheaper to just walk outside, pick a fresh bell pepper, and enjoy.

The kids could get into it with me. I’m not holding my breath, but I think they might like to help, and I know that in the past when we’ve grown tomatoes they have loved going outside every day to check on their progress.

It’s an outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy.

And the satisfaction of knowing I did this myself would be wonderful.

Cons: This spot is right where the boys throw their footballs, baseballs, etc. Baby vegetable plants can get trampled!

backyard wide

Cost could possibly be an issue. The soil has not proved to be the most hospitable for growing vegetables. In the four years we’ve been here, we’ve managed to grow some sad little tomatoes and a bitter cucumber or two. Right now there are two citrus trees fighting for a permanent home – a blood orange and a kumquat.

side of yard

I’m kind of lazy. I can totally see myself planting vegetables and then getting sick of all the work and saying “screw it” and giving up, leaving the work to my husband, who enjoys yardwork and gardening, but he has enough on his plate already, and besides, this was my idea.

So, this could be a great and bountiful thing for us, or an epic fail. I don’t even know where to start. I’m sitting here Googling “How to start a vegetable garden.”


Do you have any advice for me?


  1. Your vegetable patch is going to need a lot of water….of which California is in short supply. How will you resolve that issue? If you go forward, gardening first thing in the morning is the most enjoyable, before the heat of the day kicks in.

    Plant marigolds between the tomatoes – helps keep away bugs.

  2. Fantastic! I could never do it this way but I will be trying to grow tomatoes in the ground soon. You will love, however, going into your backyard right before dinner and cutting your own lettuce etc. it’s nice to know where your food is coming from. (and Stewart can help bc it’ll be a family project, have the kids do something as one of their chores)

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