Bike Back to School – Totally Do-able in Agoura Hills

My kids ride their bikes to school, and it’s the most wonderful thing. On days when they don’t have an after-school activity, they burst in the front door around 2:45 PM, yelling “Hi, Mom!” (or fighting with each other, more likely). I don’t have to rush out the door to get them to school on time, or sit in a hot sunny pick-up line of other cars, or jockey for a parking space. It’s all very suburban and old-fashioned.

That was the whole point of moving here.

If your kids are old enough to ride their bikes to school, with or without a parent riding along, you should encourage them to do it! Besides being incredibly convenient for you, it’s also good for them. Check out this infographic that shows results of a study by People For Bikes about bicycling in the US:

PFB-0372 Ride To School Infographic v05

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