Make Music With Zya – a Free App

zya mixing studio

There’s a great new game you can play with your kids (or alone, nobody has to know) on your iPhone or iPad. Zya is a music mixing game (available in the App Store) that allows you to choose avatars for every member of your band, the guitar riffs, the drum beat and hook, and even record your own lyrics. Here’s a song that Kyle made after a few minutes of playing around:

(He preferred pop over rock. Give him time.)

zya drummer

You pay to add on the option of recording your own vocal duet with a popular song, like “Blurred Lines” (for the grownups) and “Bye Bye Bye.” But even in the free app, you can score points to earn cool new options like additional vocal filters (like auto-tune, which many people can use) and new artist avatars to choose.

It’s fun to play around with it and it’s creative, too!

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