Scenes From the Weekend: Venice

The stars aligned in such a way that I found myself in Venice two nights in a row. This, from a woman who hates to venture east of Calabasas. I do it for the love, people.


First – on Friday night I joined a friend and took PCH down to Witz End on Lincoln Blvd. to see my friend and former coworker play a one-hour, one-man acoustic set. Charlie Vaughn, everybody!

Venice, Take 2

On Saturday night three of my friends and colleagues and I drove down to Hotel Palomar in Westwood for a three-hour blogging event sponsored by Invisalign. We didn’t venture up to see the rooms but I took a moment to appreciate the hotel’s streetside and lobby hallway. I love hotels. I should amend that to say I love nice hotels.





After our event at Hotel Palomar, we snaked through the streets of West LA and down Lincoln to Hotel Erwin at Windward Circle in Venice to meet our pal and colleague who was in town for CicLAvia. She was showing off the app she represents, called Field Trip. We took the elevator to the roof and enjoyed some tasty drinks at the hotel’s bar called “High.” The view of the city was great, and though the flaming heat lamps were fired up, it was pretty chilly up there.




Perfect spot for summertime drinks at sunset, though. Parking in the adjacent lot was only $10. Sigh. Only $10. Did I really just type that?

In other news, we had baseball this weekend:


And we made a quick stop into the Goodwill store in Thousand Oaks, where we emerged with a completely unplanned purchase of a snazzy “new” blazer for my little fashion enthusiast:


And here is a photo of the intrepid ladies outside Vons on Agoura Road in Westlake Village who were protesting the use of GMO’s in Kellogg’s products. I had read about their protest in The Acorn, and thought I’d drop by to check out the throngs of angry protesters. There were only two here when I drove by, and they just seemed tired.


 What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. I went to Westwood and Venice with my fabulous friend and colleague! And even though it was east of Calabasas (ew) it was pretty awesome. And BTW – I love nice hotels too. A lot.

    I also did laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. I think I liked Venice better.

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