Dunkin’ Donuts in Town

moms at dunkin donuts

That’s me in the hat. Shawna dressed up for the occasion!

It’s no secret that I am a huge Dunkin’ Donuts fan, and that I’m overjoyed to have a Dunkin’ Donuts location move in right here at Lindero Canyon and Thousand Oaks Blvd. (They’ve been here for a few months now and I will confess I’ve only walked there once but I’ve driven plenty of times.) I actually stood in line at 4:00 am waiting for it to open with a girlfriend who was crazy enough to drive there with me that early morning!

vanilla cupcake swirl and fudge brownie swirl coffee

Are you as excited about Dunkin’ Donuts being here as I am? Actually, even if you’re not local, but you have a Dunkin’ Donuts near you, you should be excited.


  1. Marianne R. says:

    L❤VE Dunkin Donuts!! Hoping we still get our in Simi!!

  2. Love the donuts and the chai tea!! My daughter loves the heart donuts too!

  3. I seriously have to pinch myself every time I drive by so I won’t stop. “I’ll just get a coffee.” Yeah right! Of course I already follow you on Instagram and like you on FB!

  4. I have never tried DD, would love to find out what all of the hype is about 🙂

  5. Sharmila Singh says:

    I am an East Coaster and was thrilled when DD opened up. My kids will love the heart shaped donuts!
    P.s. I follow you on Facebook too.

  6. Monica Pulver says:

    Love Dunkin!!
    I follow on both FB and IG ?

  7. Stephanie V. says:

    Yum! I haven’t tried Dunkin Donuts yet. Need to! I follow you on Instagram and like you on FB.

  8. Donuts are my favorite sweet. Every year for Valentines Day I get heart shaped donuts to enjoy! Would love to win and be able to try the heart shaped donuts at Dunkin!

  9. Love you, love Dunkin Donuts, AND I follow Agoura Hills Mom on IG and I “like” the page on Facebook.
    (Bonus: I’m going to share your giveaway even though I want to win!)

  10. Me, me, me! (Did I say me?) I love Dunkin Donuts almost as much as I love Agoura Hills Mom. (And that’s a lot!) 🙂

  11. Linda latta says:

    They have excellent coffee!! I wanna win!

  12. Simi Valley’s Dunkin’ seems to be stalled, so I need to get over to Westlake and try theirs soon! (And does it count for extra entries if I *already* follow AHM on Instagram and like you on FB?)

  13. Love their coffee. (I liked you on Facebook and followed you on Instagram).

  14. Carol Johnson says:

    Love DD here in Ohio. Following and liked your pages.

  15. Ohhh i love DDs coffee!!! Can’t wait for simi’s

  16. Yummy!! Love their coffee. Following facebook and IG. Liked your page.

  17. Shawna traver says:

    I ❤️DD!!!❤️?❤️?

  18. Lola Stone says:

    I’m a Dunkin Newbie having had only a “cup a tea” in a Florida DD location. So…I’m open to learning all things DD. Pick me!
    Will follow you on FB too.

  19. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    DD has the best coffee! I also love the minute maid coolattas!

  20. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:
  21. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I like your facebook page as Patricia wojnar Crowley

  22. Dana Coppa says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a gift card! Would love to take my girls over to Dunkin Donuts!

  23. Ashley Orozco says:

    Love love love Dunkin’ Donuts!! Follow you on IG and FB!

  24. Stacey Teal says:

    Totally craving donuts now. Yum! ?

  25. Erin Botsford says:

    Love Dunkin! We had them everywhere when I lived in New Jersey and it just reminds me of home!!

  26. Deanna Heisserer says:

    I am a HUGE Dunkin fan, being from the east coast and all. So happy they are finally here!

  27. I love dunkin donuts..totally craving donuts now..❤️

  28. Linda Meadows says:

    I have a friend that lives in New England and many years ago when I visited she said we have to get Dunkin Donuts coffee, because it is the best! I was pleasantly surprised. Plus the fact that the donuts are fabulous! So you can imagine how happy I was when they opened in Westlake Village not far from my home. The first thing I did was download the app and I was on my way in.
    I ordered ahead on Sunday and was delighted to walk right in and have my order waiting for me. When I arrived, there was a line out the door and I remember posting on Facebook “a line out the door at Dunkin Donuts I love it!” I’m so happy they are doing well.

  29. I’d love to try their new Brownie Batter Crumble Heart Donut!

  30. I need all these donuts in my life ?? I want to try them all!!

  31. We love dunking donuts.

  32. I grew up in Marblehead Massachusetts in the area were there is a Dunkin’s on every corner. I made the trek to Santa Monica a couple of years ago when the first DD opened within striking distance to Ventura.
    Now TO Cuts my trip down but I’m still hoping for something in West Ventura County soon.
    A medium Hot Black coffee and a Cruller and I’m in Heven.

    Glad to meet another another Dunkin Fanatic!!!

  33. I love Dunkin Donuts, follow you on instagram as @aktheartist63

  34. Thanks for the giveaway

  35. Roses are red
    violets are blue
    Donuts are yummy
    And coffee is too!

  36. I love the Agoura DD! Waited for so long while they were building it. Worth every second!

  37. I <3 Donuts!

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