Protect Your Kooli at the Pool

As a blogger – I’ve been one for almost 7 years – I often get pitches from companies to include products on my site.  I don’t really have a lot of time to do this, especially if I wanted to review every single product that comes my way.  So when the makers of Kooli approached me, I read the pitch with a skeptical eye.

Kooli keeps swimsuits from snagging and buns from burning on hot poolside surfaces and is certain to top this summer’s must-have lists. Kooli has an attached elastic band that makes it easy to roll, secure and put into a beach bag or purse.  It is made of Neoprene (the lightweight, flexible material used to make wetsuits) and features a soft and comfortable nylon fabric surface.  Kooli is washable, waterproof, slip proof, resistant to chlorine, sand and other similar abrasive surfaces.”

My first thought was “how is this better than a towel?”  So I said yeah, bring it on.  They sent me one in the mail and I brought it to the pool that day.  The kids were down with it and thought it was special.  It rolls up and fits easily in the swim bag.  It kept a little bottom cushioned from the hot concrete, and then he went back into the pool.  The end.

Here’s my opinion:  Kooli is great if you have multiple children and you want to keep the towels for what towels are supposed to do – dry you off.  Plus I guess you can buy a different color for each kid.  And I keep saying kid because hell if I’m sitting on the concrete after hanging out in the pool.  I’m almost 40 (hint my birthday is September 30) and these old bones need at least a chair to relax in if not a lounge chair and a cabana boy fanning me and bringing me a cocktail.  If a Kooli could do that I would be all over it.

Also, if Kooli could make my body look like this I would buy all of them: