Celebrity Cruises Created a Mobile Theater to Show You Its New Ships

A cruise ship so fancy that it takes a Leading Edge Mobile Cinema Tour to truly appreciate the possibilities.

Celebrity Cruises edge

You’ve reached a certain point in your life at which you want everything to be perfect when you take a vacation, and you have the resources to make it happen. Perfect spot, luxurious room, all the amenities, delicious food. Shore excursions that are easy and you don’t have to stand in any lines. All you see, hear, touch, and taste is wonderful.

That’s basically what Celebrity Cruises has made for you in its latest ship class, Celebrity Edge. Expected to launch in Fall 2018, the Edge carries almost 3,000 passengers in multiple levels of luxury including exclusive suites with their own separate lounge and restaurant. This modern ship has something unprecedented—a moving Magic Carpet deck that goes up and down the side of the ship, truly floating over the water.

Celebrity Cruises magic carpet

Pictures don’t do it justice. Watching a video on your computer is only a little bit better. If cruising is your thing, or you’re just curious to see the Edge up closer, Celebrity Cruises has its Mobile Cinema on the road now. I visited with my friend Rina when the Cinema was parked at the California Jazz & Wine Festival just a few miles away at the Four Seasons Westlake Village.

Here’s how it goes down. You can visit the Leading Edge Mobile Cinema at any of its stops along its tour. Some of those stops are free, some are within special events like the Festival. When I visited as a guest of Celebrity Cruises, I had to make my way through a wine and jazz festival to get to the Mobile Cinema. First, though, there was a red carpet experience fit for real celebrities.

Celebrity Cruises red carpet

That’s me with writer Rina Nehdar

Then, let’s just say we had to face some liquid obstacles along the way, but that didn’t stop us from reaching this:

Celebrity Cruises mobile cinema

And I have to admit, I wasn’t quite prepared for how big or involved this was. Outside this state of the art movie theater inside a trailer, the company had set up its own wine tasting booth so we could sip local wines while we waited.

Celebrity Cruises wine booth

Celebrity Cruises host

The west coast marketing executive was our gracious host and gave us those cool wine glass holders.

The film is about 10 minutes long, so our wait was short. Once inside it is like a real movie theater. That serves truffle popcorn. The movie itself is a fabulous showcase that really highlights how advanced and unusual the Edge line of cruise ships is planned to be. When the film ends, you are invited to one of the iPad stands to enter to win a cruise. The prizes are given only to people who enter at these Mobile Cinema events, so the odds are in your favor! (But I hope they’re more in my favor.)

Celebrity Cruises theater inside

Celebrity Cruises ipads

Celebrity Cruises’ Mobile Cinema is in Houston this weekend and will keep traveling the country. I’m glad I got to experience it in a setting as lovely as The Four Seasons Westlake Village, and the location seems to be an indicator of the class and style that Celebrity Cruises adds to its projects. When I get to go on a cruise, this will be on the top of my wish list.

Celebrity Cruises at wine and jazz festival