Dear Santa: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Kyle checks out the multi-plane camera at the Frank G. Wells Building at Disney

We’ve been to a lot of Halloween parties the last few weeks. The first one was thrown by Disney Interactive on the lot at Disney in Burbank. My kids were in heaven – there were video games to play all around the room, and lots of sugary cookies to eat. They basically stationed themselves at the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean game in the corner and took a break every 20 minutes or so to go put icing on a Tinker Bell cookie and lick it off. Here’s a description of the game:

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game – This action adventure video game brings to life the Pirates of the Caribbean world and all its colorful characters in LEGO brick form.  Available now for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii ($49.99), Nintendo 3DS ($39.99) and Nintendo DS, PSP, PC/Mac ($29.99). Rated E10+.

So I guess I know what they want for Christmas. We’re already big LEGO Star Wars fans, so it’s not a surprise that LEGO Pirates would follow, even though the kids haven’t seen any of the movies. What was extra super cool was that the young man helping the kids with the game is a video game tester for Disney Interactive, so he knew what he was doing. The young lady stationed at the game next to them actually designs the games. Proof that video games don’t necessarily rot your brain – they can provide you with a career.

One of the purposes of DI’s party was to introduce new games, but I didn’t get a chance to sample any of them because my kids were hyperfocused. But if you’re interested, you can see previews of them on Disney Interactive’s website.

It’s Back! Agoura Munch Madness


I was bummed that I missed this event last year, but as of this moment I have it scheduled in for our family to attend. I so rarely get to partake of the mobile yumminess that comes out of LA’s fleet of food trucks. And here they are, coming to The Bubble.

For a full menu of fun for the whole family, don’t miss AGOURA MUNCH MADNESS, Sunday, November 6, 2011 at Agoura High School from 11:00am to 6:00pm with more than a dozen of LA’s top gourmet food trucks, live entertainment, a dance & fitness presentation, the Munch & Crunch contest (In your face entertainment where patrons “munch and crunch” to the fastest finish (no hands or eating utensils allowed!), face painting, prizes, and more. Kids will especially love the “Slice Truck” and “King Kone” Truck. It’s all happening at the campus of Agoura High School and proceeds benefit their International Baccalaureate program for students. Admission is just $5 in advance or $7 at the gate. Kids 4 and under are free. Food truck tastes sold separately. Get your “munch on,” find out more and buy your tickets today at

Reyes Adobe Days Are Coming

If you’ve ever been in or near Agoura Hills, you will have seen the words “Reyes Adobe.”  It’s an exit off the 101 Freeway, a north-south artery through town, a once-cursed bridge, a park, and a museum.  Reyes Adobe is a cornerstone of heritage in the city, and because it is such an entrenched part of an Agoura family’s everyday life, it is something that can easily be ignored.

Ever been a tourist in your own town?  I have been a tourist in the greater Los Angeles area since 1995, when I moved to Pasadena from a town near New Haven, CT.  When I first arrived, the spirit of exploration moved me to drive from one corner of the sprawling metropolis to the other, discovering places new to me at every turn.

That was a pretty long time ago.  Now as a mother of two small boys who is usually too tired and disdainful of LA traffic to go anywhere, I faithfully consult the Acorn’s activity calendar every week to imagine myself attending local events with my children.  Imagine is the key word here, because we are usually too busy with something else – or too lazy – to even attend the local functions.  But every so often we do venture out and the results are usually wonderful, like when we went to the Day of the Horse.

Next weekend, the Agoura Hills Recreation Department will hold its annual Reyes Adobe Days, which is the town’s biggest community fair and cultural festival of the year.  Traffic is closed all around Reyes Adobe Park, which is conveniently located just off Reyes Adobe Blvd.  The park will come alive with vendors and docents and rides and food and games and activities.  There is a “Night at the Adobe” planned with sophisticated food and entertainment planned for adults – a welcome respite from the usual bouncy-house and kettle corn family fun.  There will be a parade.

Oh how I love me a small town parade!

Alas, this is the second year in a row that I will not be around to experience Reyes Adobe Days.  September 30th is my 40th birthday, and we’ll be out of town celebrating.  I’m used to missing out on otherwise super cool things in order to properly celebrate my birthday – this year alone we are missing Reyes Adobe Days, YMCA flag football sign-ups, a VIP evening at Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party, a VIP breakfast and day at Knott’s Scary Farm, and more.

I can’t remember where I was last year, but I remember dropping Agoura Hills Dad and the kids off at the top of Reyes Adobe to deposit them in the parade.  They did attend the festival, but they are all boys.  The best report that I got was “it was fun.”

Reyes Adobe Days is September 30 – October 2.  It’s a great way to learn more about the community around you and have a good time doing it.  You can actually visit the adobe museum any time of the year, and in my next post I will show you pictures from when I took the kids there this summer, on a day that was easily 100 degrees.