Zen Monkey’s Instant Healthy Breakfast

There is a small company here in Los Angeles that has reinvented breakfast.  It seems simple, really.  It’s just a little cup of oatmeal with yogurt and fruit.  That’s it.  The remarkable things about it are as follows:

-The oatmeal is not cooked – it’s soaked overnight in apple juice!

-All of the ingredients are fresh.  NO preservatives!

-Somebody else made it for you.

If you have busy mornings and no time for a healthy breakfast – I tend to wait until I’m so hungry I could eat the cardboard box the cereal comes in – you can grab a container of Zen Monkey and shove it into your face.  It tastes and feels healthy, and you don’t have chop and mix all that stuff yourself.

In fact, that is how they market it:

These little cups are EXACTLY what we’ve all wished for on those busy mornings or the days we open the fridge, starving and just waiting for something good to magically appear.

Zen Monkey comes in strawberry, blueberry, and apples & cinnamon.  For our family’s Zen Monkey tasting, the owner of the company drove to my house from the west side to deliver our samples, which automatically makes me want to like it.  I mean, I hate going east of Calabasas these days, so I can really appreciate a guy who would brave LA traffic to get me to taste his oatmeal.

In our house Zen Monkey was a big hit with the grown-ups, but not so much with the kids.  I had both of our boys taste it, and I also offered it to the little girl I babysit after school.  All three of them gave it a good try, but they didn’t like the chewy consistency of the uncooked oats.

My husband, on the other hand, scarfed this stuff down so fast I almost didn’t get to eat any!  Without having read the product info, he gave me his opinion that this would be perfect at $3.00 per container, and he was spot on!

Zen Monkey is sold in Whole Foods locations on the west side for $2.99 per container.  Soon the product will be available in all Whole Foods locations, and that day can’t come soon enough!

I received complimentary samples of Zen Monkey to facilitate this review.



  1. What is the shelf life on these little buckets of oatey gold?

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