What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Nauseous and Woozy: A Burn 60 Workout (CLOSED)

Update: Burn 60 is closed.

A workout class that involves 60 minutes of circuit training at Burn 60 can be fun, if you don’t pass out or vomit first. 9/2016 UPDATE: The Thousand Oaks location of Burn 60 is closed, but you can still get the same killer workout in Brentwood and West Hollywood.

After an hour-long workout at Burn 60 I breathlessly interviewed the instructor, Nick. He described the philosophy of the studio and his own methods, and said “It doesn’t get easier.”

I must have looked particularly horrified, because he quickly followed that with “Well, the nausea and the burning in your lungs gradually goes away…”

Oh, great. Good.


Listen, Agoura Hills. I do these things for you, not just for myself. If there’s a new restaurant/spa/experience in town and someone invites me to try it out so I can share it with my readers, I’m game. But as I told the nice people at Burn 60, I hate to work out and I hate running. You all know I love to hike: low impact, no bouncing. Aerobic exercise is the opposite of that, but it turns out that’s what my body actually needs.

So even though I was nervous about the possibility of passing out, throwing up, or both, I headed to Burn 60 on a recent Friday morning. Because the gym is so new, the classes are not yet crowded – there were only three other people in the one I took, which was just fine. The gym has capacity for many more, which meant I got to suffer in my own little corner.

IMG_9375Have courage, and don’t pee your pants.

When the class time came, (8:15 AM), Nick started the big countdown clock on the wall. 60:00. For the first fifteen minutes he led us through interval training on the treadmill. Faster, slower, more incline, less incline. From 15-30 minutes we did weight and resistance exercises on the floor. Back to the treadmill for 30-45, and back to the floor for the last 15.

burn 60 interior

After about 5 minutes of a brisk jog, I had to hop off the treadmill to go pee (see above – I can’t handle the bouncing. Sorry, I know that’s TMI, but mah ladies who’ve had a baby or ten know what I’m talking about). After 15 minutes, I thought I was going to die. I was smart about it and didn’t push myself too hard, because I was starting from zero endurance. My lungs were burning and I couldn’t catch my breath. I used the change from treadmill to floor get a few extra gulps in.

burn 60 interior 2

During the floor parts, Nick would give us an exercise to do for a minute or a few minutes. When we got to the last seconds he would count them down. Every time he did this, I was about to give up and call it a day, but somehow his voice, and the fact that this would end in 10 seconds, inspired me to eke out one more rep of whatever it was – a situp, a lunge, a medicine ball pound. Even though my body was screaming, my lungs were on fire, and my muscles groaned, I found a tiny bit of energy to keep going.

When it was all over, I had to take a few minutes to rest. The thing is, my brain really enjoyed this workout. If I was in shape even a little bit more, the continuous changing would be entertaining to me and I wouldn’t get bored. Nick said that no two of his classes are ever the same. That’s when he said the thing about it never getting easier. Basically, you go at your own pace. Even though I was doing the exact same workout as the other three members, the 17-year-old athlete was just as exhausted as I was because he did as many pushups as he could handle, just like I did. He just did a lot more.

IMG_9384After. Still alive.

For someone like me starting from scratch, Nick recommended three days a week at Burn 60. And then once I get into a groove, four. I can see myself getting in shape, and slimming down, really fast with that kind of schedule. I might also have a better attitude about life, and more energy, too!

Nick told me that his classes at the Brentwood location of Burn 60 are always packed, and the collective energy gets everyone going and motivated. At sleepy little Thousand Oaks, the loud music and Nick’s voice were plenty of motivation for me, but I can see how a crowd can help. As more people sign up for this gym, the better it will get.

Burn 60 is brand new at The Lakes and the facility is gorgeous. It’s small, with room for about 28 total people per class, but the average class size at the time of this writing is 6-10. There are charging stations for your phones, cubbies for your stuff, a hydration station, brand new equipment, and surprising amenities in the restroom including toothbrushes and scent for your underthings. How considerate.


Right now you can try classes for a week for free (until June 3), but otherwise your first class is only $10, a single class is $28, and packages are sold for volume discounts. If I compare it to working out with a personal trainer, this is a great deal, because that’s exactly what it’s like with class sizes so small. Get in there while you can, Conejo Valley!

Burn 60

2200 East Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362



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