Weekend Activity: Mountain Biking at Chesebro Canyon

This is a cool video from Mountain Bike Community showing the trails at our own Chesebro Canyon. Great, smooth camera work. I wish I could get the health benefits of mountain biking just by watching this.

(Do you say “Cheese-boro” or “Chez-boro?” Or even “Chez-bro?” I still can’t figure that one out.)


  1. I say Chez-bro, but only because that’s what I hear everyone else say. In Spanish it would be Che-say-bro. But I don’t think it’s Spanish (but it seems like it should be.)

  2. C) None of the above. I say Che-ze-bro.

    Scary article in the Acorn last week about a guy falling off his bike in Che-ze-bro and almost losing his ear while his 10 year old son ran off for help. Helicoptered him out. They live next door to my mom. Stay safe, bikers!

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