Top Ten Things To Do in Agoura Hills When It Rains

little girl window rainy day10.  Go to the movies.  Duh.

9.  Go shopping.  Double duh.

8.  Indoor playgrounds.  There’s one in Oak Park and one on Canwood.

7.  Playdates.  Everyone is so nice here, there’s bound to be someone who wouldn’t mind sending their kid over to wreck your house.  Or vice versa.

6.  Build a fire in your fireplace and thank the Lord that you have the work ethic and luck it took to get you a house here.

5.  Save your garbage bins from washing down the street in the river formed by the bad drainage system.

4.  Drive by the construction site south of the 101 and be glad the rain is slowing construction of this completely unnecessary new tract of houses.

3.  Re-read the last three issues of The Acorn.

2.  Go to Trader Joe’s for a tiny cup of coffee and a sample of pumpkin bread.

And the number one thing to do in Agoura Hills when it rains:

1.  Nothing.  Sit glumly by your window and pray for the rain to stop soon so you can go outside to play.


  1. That was helpful :I

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