Smart & Final Definitely Coming to Westlake Village

smart and final extra

It’s official: Smart & Final will definitely be moving in to where Haggen used to be – at the corner of Thousand Oaks Blvd. and Lindero Canyon (in the shopping center called Westlake Village Marketplace). Where Alberstons used to be. Three stores in a very short time! Whew!

haggen closingPhoto from Yelp by Elisa H.

At least the conjecture can end. In an email from a Smart & Final representative, I learned the following:

Smart & Final will open a new store at 5770 Lindero Canyon Road in West Lake Village under its Smart & Final Extra! format.

In comparison to traditional Smart & Final stores, Smart & Final Extra! stores offer shoppers expanded frozen, deli and meat sections, a full produce section, organic and natural food products, more high quality perishables and meats, a wide selection of private label offerings, goods tailored to business and household customers, and products offered in a broad range of sizes. In addition, the new store will include unique products such as oven-roasted chicken and self-serve dry bulk goods by the pound.

The Smart & Final Extra! format provides a one-stop shopping experience where businesses and organizations, as well as households, can purchase grocery and everyday staple needs while also stocking up on thousands of club-size products, all without a membership fee.

The new Westlake Village store is scheduled to open by the end of June 2016.

Personally, I’m thrilled. I like Smart & Final and whenever I have to go there, I visit the store in Woodland Hills, usually on the way home from the dentist or doctor. I think the new store will suit us just fine. What do you think?


  1. I’m not so sure. I’d rather have Gelsons or sprouts. But that’s just me.

  2. I’m a fan. I like buying pickles the. I need at least 6 types of pickles in my fridge.

  3. Diane King says:

    I too am thrilled for a Smart & Final extra opening nearby. But I would also like to see a Sprouts open up too!

  4. Diane King says:

    I know there is a Sprouts on Westlake, but it is a fraction the size of the Woodland Hills store.

  5. Would’ve much preferred a Whole Foods ( as the only WF are quite a drive in either direction) But will it have that Starbucks?

  6. When is the smart final come to westlake open

  7. When is smart and final open in westlake

  8. I would have much preferred a Whole Foods, since the nearnest one is in Thousand Oaks. Guess I’ll have to continue to drive.

  9. Amelia J says:

    Smart and Final is a disaster. They should just go to a Vons, Albertsons or Ralphs and replicate what they have. They are still operating as an industrial store. The Westlake Village CA is just for emergency. It’s worst then Haggen and I am sure it will close out soon because of following reasons:
    – poor grocery
    – no presecription rug store! thats a disaster
    – no flower section, ballons. Alberstsons was so great. Just enter and they had massive fresh flowers and all party, birthday, events secion
    – no Starbucks
    – mediocre
    – no glacier water terminal outside

    We really miss Albertsons!

    • Agoura Hills Mom says:

      It’s definitely not Albertsons! I don’t know. I went and gave Smart and Final a try. I think it’s a good place for bulk shopping or when they have a good sale. Not routine grocery shopping for weekly visits.

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