Not The Agoura Hills I Know

I’ve worked and lived in Agoura Hills for many years, but the Agoura Hills I know consists of the following:

  • Pretty little houses all in row
  • Clean streets
  • Friendly staff at most local businesses
  • Easy access from one side of town to the other
  • Freeway-accessible everything
  • Ladyface Mountain looming in the near distance
  • BMW’s, Mercedes Benzes, Porsches, and minivans and SUV’s as far as the eye can see
  • Albertsons on one end, Ralphs and Vons on the other
  • Chesebro Canyon for hikes

Imagine my delight when the Southern California Auto Club featured our little town on the cover of this month’s Westways Magazine, touting “Daytrip:  Agoura Hills” on the pages within.  Author Judi Uthus’ suggestions for a day in our town include two of my favorite places:  the Reyes Adobe Mission and Italia Deli.  But I was surprised to realize that those were the only two out of the seven spots Uthus put on the map.

To Uthus, a worthy day spent in Agoura Hills is a mostly rural adventure – drive Mulholland Highway, visit Paramount Ranch, go antiquing, “witness the chrome sea of motorcycles and exotic cars at the Rock Store.”  I am not sure just what I expected to find, but I can tell you that if I was asked to suggest a day trip to Agoura Hills, these are not the places that come to the top of my mind.

I moved to the Los Angeles area in 1995.  As a 24-year-old singe and child-free adventurer, I got a job at an insurance company and moved into an apartment in Pasadena with my best friend from college.  I’ve been a tourist in LA ever since, and I’m happy for this reminder that I can still a be a tourist in my new small hometown.  When a break opens up in my life of dropoff/pickup-grocery shopping/errands-playdates/school projects, at least I don’t have to venture very far to experience something new.


  1. I was excited to see that article in Westways too! I’m so glad they included Italia Deli (best deli ever). But it would have been nice if they’d mentioned Ladyface Alehouse (for an excellent view of Ladyface!) too.

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