SALT, New Restaurant in Calabasas

Last week I tried Salt, the new restaurant in the shopping plaza at the corner of Agoura Road and Las Virgenes. I wrote up my experience for

Calabasas Can’t Hide New Restaurant Salt

“Standouts were the wild mushroom mac and cheese, which elicited groans of pleasure, the chicken and waffles which was on the appetizers list but is big enough to be an entree, and the Kurobuta pork chop served with sauteed apples and carmelized onions.”

Since I wrote the article I’ve been back to the area during the day and saw that there is indeed a big sign out by the street. So, if you’re looking for the place, you will find it. But if you were just driving by, you might think the sign is for a store. That sells salt. Stranger things exist.

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