Clean It Up at European Wax Center

You can get a bikini wax at just about any beauty salon, nail salon, or spa.  Personally, I prefer the spa because, well, it’s a spa.  When you have a choice between going to a spa and anywhere else in the world, wouldn’t you always choose the spa?

For me that would be true if I had an unlimited budget.  (If that were true I would probably move into Burke Williams.)  But since that’s not the case, I’ve been shopping around for a new aesthetician ever since I moved to Agoura Hills a year and a half ago.  This practitioner, commonly referred to as “The Wax Lady,” may be an indulgence for some but for a fair-skinned Irish lass like myself, she is a necessity.  I’ve battled unwanted hair since fifth grade.  I only discovered waxing when I moved to California.  I also tried electrolysis, which was so painful I like to think it prepared me for childbirth.

But beauty is pain, right?

As I said, you can find waxing services anywhere, even places with cute names like “Pink Cheeks.”  But European Wax Center doesn’t mince words.  It’s a wax center.  That’s all they do: remove unwanted hair from the bodies of men or women with wax.  Much like TINT only colors your hair (the hair on your head) and Drybar only dries your hair, EWC specializes in this one service so that they can do it well and cost-effectively.

I visited the Westlake Village location of EWC in October.  I was surprised to find it located right near The Pump Station, Wicked Way Cafe and Cafe Escobar.  Who knew this little Mecca of smooth skin was nestled right in a convenient shopping center with plenty of free parking?  Now we all do.  You’re welcome.

The lobby is spacious and bright, with a minimalist decor and cheerful staff manning the desk.  Each of the treatments rooms is set up to look exactly the same.  That way, no matter what day or time or wax lady you’re seeing, you’re getting the exact same facility, supplies, and ambiance every time.

EWC has proprietary skin care products, including the wax that they use which is meant to be more effective and less painful than old-school wax.  You can trust me when I tell you this is true:  it hurts less.  Let my negative past experiences be worth something to the rest of the world.

Another unique thing about this place is that they offer bulk packages of waxing services.  A single bikini wax, for example, is $35, but you can pay for a package of say, 7 waxes, and get a volume discount.  OR you can pay a higher fee, for unlimited waxes.  You can’t get that at Costco.

Ladies who might be shy about dropping trou to get a bikini wax – never fear.  These gals have seen everything, and chances are they’ve seen a lot worse than what you’ve got going on down there.  Get over that moment of modesty and allow a seasoned professional to clean you right up.  The aesthetician I saw was skilled and quick.  The whole thing was over before I even got started on telling her my life story.

Now for the real challenge:  my wackadoo eyebrows.  They’re a combo of Spock and Brooke Shields, but they have minds of their own.  Whoever can tame those babies will score me as a long-term loyal client.

I received a complimentary service to facilitate this feature.  All opinions and scarred emotions are my own.



  1. I think if I went into a spa right now – I would never come back. I need to find someone like this in OC. The lady at the nail salon is just not cutting it.

  2. I was devoted to Cindy at Pink Cheeks… and then I discovered the laser. What hair?

  3. Can you say OUCH? LOL I think I agree with Jessica…maybe…if it was less painful…. : )

  4. of course the closest one is a half hour away from me… Do you think it would be worth the drive to a wax virgin?

  5. I used to torture myself through the braziian but I am lucky I am a blond and can maintain on my own. Wish we had a place as clean and beautiful as ewc

  6. Wax virgin in the OC here. Relatively unhairy and blond so I’ve managed to stay out of that situation but strangely curious nonetheless. I’d go get it done for the novelty factor. There, I said it. Who’s driving with me?

  7. this place looks fab but I couldn’t make the drive I think.

  8. I am on the laser bandwagon as well! 🙂

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