Agoura Hills Mom Recommends: The Hideaway @ Lindero Country Club

The Hideaway @ Lindero Country Club

Courtyard seating

The Hideaway opened at Lindero Country Club only a few months ago.  Six weeks into their run , Agoura Hills Dad and I went there for my birthday dinner.  We were treated like royalty (except for the crown) with friendly staff and nice, strong drinks at the bar.

That’s where you should start.  Happy hour lasts until 7pm, and features discounted drinks and free appetizers.  Most often the food is their brick oven pizza, which is cooked outside and adds a wonderful aroma to the air (unless it’s fire season – then you don’t know whether to inhale deeply and say “Ahhh…” or tune into local radio to find out where the fire is).

The cocktails were tasty but nothing jumped out as being spectacular, at least not on that visit.  The beer selection was just fine for my husband, who drank Fat Tire on tap.  We skipped the free apps in favor of leaving plenty of room for dinner.

Your meal begins with tasty homemade corn bread served in a brown paper tray with a side of honey butter.  I was intrigued by the claim that much of their menu is organic, free-range, yada yada, so I had the roast chicken.  AHD had the fish special.  Both dishes were fine – proportions manageable, seasoned just so, and piping hot when they were placed in front of us, and stayed that way throughout the meal even though we were sitting outside.

Somehow we had room for dessert, so we split the molten chocolate cake, perhaps my favorite dessert ever, which came with a lit candle.  The servers spared us a chirpy, fake song, and instead smiled and said “Happy birthday” and left us in peace.

The location, menu, and ambience of The Hideaway make this a spot you must check out.  It’s easily accessible off Thousand Oaks Boulevard and away from other major business centers, so no annoying traffic or giant intersections to deal with.  I suppose it’s good and bad that the Hideaway is so…hidden.  They’re doing their best to get noticed in print and online – you can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well as every issue of The Acorn.

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