Labor Savers

Sometimes there’s so much to tell you that the little things get lost in the shuffle.  Since this is Labor Day weekend, I am going to recommend some parenting time-savers in the spirit of sparing you a little bit of Labor.  I’ve picked these up from one source or another, and unless I write it down instantly (tip #1), I don’t remember who told me about it.  So, if you are reading this and you are the person who told me about one of these tips, please comment and I will credit you!

1.  Write it down:  keep a little notebook or at least a pen with you at all times.  When you have an idea or come across something that seems really cool, write it down so you’ll remember to check it out later.  We all know how mothers lose memory cells during childbirth and/or the dog days of caring for young children.  It’s okay to rely on a crutch to help you remember.  A sub-tip:  don’t make your notes too obscure.  Pencilling in “Muppets” on a date in your calendar that is months away is sure to leave you scratching your head when that day comes, wondering what the heck is supposed to be going on with the Muppets and where?

2.  Clean your bathroom while the kids are in the bathtub:  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.  Since January when I discontinued bringing in outside help to clean our house, our level of clean has, let’s just say, suffered.  But when someone pointed this out to me it was like a lightbulb went on in my head.  Now when the kids are splashing around, I can clean the toilet and wipe down the sink and mirror.  It takes only a minute or two and there’s no little one trying to interrupt me.

3.  Check it out before you go:  Hey, have you heard about the internet?  What a useful tool!  I recommend it highly, especially when you are going somewhere for the day that you’ve never been before.  I just found a website that gives you a preview of what it looks like at the beach – designed for surfers, has webcams placed at surf breaks all over the world.  When it’s blazing hot in the Valley, you can see what’s going on at Zuma and know that you’ll need a sweater to be comfortable until the gloom burns off.

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