Kid Whisperer

Here in Agoura Hills, there are horse parks.  Horse parks!

The kids were enthralled.

They shouted questions at the “partner” in the ring (as in “howdy, partner!”), enough so that I became embarrassed and urged them not to disturb his time with his horses.

Their names are Badger and Booger (the horses, not the kids) and they kicked up dust as they chased each other around the ring.

The dog’s name is Barney.  Kid 1 was ready to adopt him, but he already has an owner (the Partner), and we are not dog people.  Alas.


  1. We have horse parks here too. On the other side (far side) of Hollywood in Yorba Linda.


  1. […] had read about Day of the Horse in the local paper.  Kid 2 loves horses.  That is, he likes to look at them from afar.  Given the chance to get up close and touch one, […]

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