First Time at School

I’ve been marking time by semesters all my life, even though I have been out of school for, oh…let’s just say a while.  Still, every September, when I flip that calendar page, I feel a tugging in my heart, a yearn for fresh notebooks and pens, and an uncontrollable need to make lists.

Preschool does not strike that same emotional chord in our children, I assume.  But it’s never too early to help them form good habits that will help them during their entire school careers.  Here are some fun things to do to celebrate “Back to School” even if for your family, it’s “To School For the First Time” or “Not Yet Going To School.”

1.  Take advantage of back-to-school sales.  No reason you can’t get in on the deals and score 10 notebooks for a dollar or free crayons.  Bring your children to shop with you, making sure to point out before you get into the store that you are there for school supplies only, and they may pick one or two special “back-to-school” items.

2.  Count school buses.  When you are out and about and you spot one, sing “Wheels on the Bus” together – it isn’t old for our preschoolers just yet – and talk about what kind of children might be riding inside.  Where are they going?  What’s in their lunchboxes?  You might be surprised at the imaginative answers your child will give.

3.  Purchase or make a special calendar for your child’s room.  Start marking off the days, and put stickers or drawings on the squares for special upcoming dates like birthdays or holidays.

4.  Take a “first day of school” picture.  If not going to school, make it a “first day of fall” thing on the 21st.  Make a big deal out of helping your child choose a special outfit, comb his or her hair, and pick a pretty spot for the photo shoot.  Everything he can do himself will make him feel a part of the project.

5.  Attend a free class-like event with other children.  This week, try a magic show at the Northridge Mall food court on Thursday at 10:30 AM.  Or storytime today at the Granada Hills library at 6:30 PM.

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