Expressing Motherhood


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll nod vigorously and maybe you’ll even say out loud “Amen, sister!” You’ll bop along to the songs of Mommy Tonk and clap and stamp your feet.
You have to go.
Expressing Motherhood is the national hit play that consists of people sharing their stories about motherhood on stage. It was created by Los Angeles moms back in 2008 who were dying to get out of their houses and looking for other moms to hang with. What they have created is a thriving community of people who have either shared their own stories on stage or attended a show.
Trust Me
I appeared in this show twice – first in 2014 in an 8-show run which was terribly nerve-wracking but great for my confidence. I told the story about my long, slow transformation from cool person to PTA mom.
exmo 1
That piece is unpublished, but I think there is video of the performance somewhere on the internet. The experience was so wonderful and gave me the courage to share a much more vulnerable piece about the loneliness of motherhood in a show in the fall of 2015. That essay now appears in Notre Dame Magazine.
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Every production of Expressing Motherhood features a different cast, and some performers have never appeared on stage before. Stories range from sad to funny and also include some musical acts! Definitely bring tissues, and be prepared to be entertained.
expressing motherhood cast
Co-Creator/Director Lindsay Kavet continues to produce Expressing Motherhood shows around the country. She is doing the good work.


  1. I saw you do the PTA mom show! It was great! I want to win tickets! I want to go!! Yay!

  2. Rosa cuevas says:

    Looks like a great show plus a good excuse to get away for a bit!

  3. This once-cool-now-PTA mom would love to go!!! Lol

  4. I LOVE Expressing Motherhood! And Mommy Tonk? The absolute best! Would love to win such an awesome GNO! (Plus of course I like you on Facebook!) 🙂

  5. I love Expressing Motherhood and Mommy Tonk and you!
    I didn’t get to see you perform your piece that’s published in Notre Dame magazine now, but I will never forget your PTA mom performance.

    Good stuff, mama.

  6. I would love to see Expressing Motherhood again!

  7. Shawna Traver says:

    I’ve been to see Kim perform- it’s excellent! I would love to go again!!! And of course I liked u on FB!!

    • Merk :I don’t follow this dark skinned thing? you know there are many dark skinned Jews right? I don’t see how trying to turn this into a racial argument is constructive. Yup, “but they are OUR dark skinned”, which changes whole thing.

  8. Thank you for your kind words Kim. Producing this show since 2008 has brought me tremendous joy and mental stability xo Lindsay

  9. Carly tedeski says:

    this looks soo cool and it was so nice to meet you last night at wine wednesday.

  10. Megan Sells-Rooks says:

    Would looooove to see this as finding new mommy friends post baby has been worse than dating ever was! Lol I’m sure the stories are hilarious… Liked your Facebook page as well ?

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