East Coast New Year’s Eve

Time is relative.  Lucky for beer drinkers, it’s always after noon somewhere, and the same idea applies to midnight on New Year’s Eve.  For us parents, at any hour of the evening it’s always midnight somewhere.  That means that we’re not forced to a) hire a babysitter, a nearly impossible task, to go out on the town and suffer until midnight before racing home to fall asleep as soon as possible, knowing that the kids will be awake at 6:30 AM no matter what time they went to bed or b) hang out at home, trying to put the kids to bed early so we can have a nice celebration of our own and possibly friends over for dinner, during which everyone will fall asleep on the couches anyway.

Our first New Year’s Eve as parents was celebrated in style:  a college friend of mine had her wedding celebration that night at rented mansion in Philadelphia.  There was an upstairs suite with two babysitters and several travel beds, so our 8-month-old got to party with us until his bedtime, and then miraculously he went to sleep under the diligent sitters’ watch.

Baby’s first New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2005

That was the last year that we celebrated in style.  For years after, it was a groggy “Happy New Year, honey” with a quick kiss, a sip of champagne, and falling asleep at 10PM.

A few years in a row we were invited to a family New Year’s Eve party by some Valley  friends.  Everyone was invited to bring their children and a dish to share.  Party favors were passed, champagne and sparkling apple cider was poured, and at 8:59 PM we all turned to the TV and watched the ball drop at midnight EST in New York City.  Families cheered and kissed, and shortly afterward, kids were buckled into carseats in their pajamas.

Now that we’re in the Bubble, we just invite people to our house for that experience.  This year, for the second time, we’ll be hosting a very casual gathering with one other family where we occupy the kids for a little while, the moms toast each other with vodka and cheap champagne, the ball drops, and everyone goes home or upstairs to bed.  I keep telling myself it’s just a season.  Someday we’ll party in style again.

Happy New Year!


  1. Style doesn’t have to wait for someday!

  2. You WILL party in style again Kim with bigger suburban parties. But then you’ll wish for EST New Year’s once again. (At least that’s what I’ve heard!)

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