Day of the Horse

Sometimes, out here in the Conejo Valley, it feels like we are a world away from Los Angeles.  On this day in September, there was a storm moving through the area, so a trip to horse country coupled with dark clouds rolling over the sky made that faraway feeling even more pronounced.

I had read about Day of the Horse in the local paper.  Kid 2 loves horses.  That is, he likes to look at them from afar.  Given the chance to get up close and touch one, he wound up hiding under Agoura Hills Dad’s t-shirt.

This event, held at the Conejo Creek Equestrian Park which is run by the county, was a showcase of the many groups that give horse lovers a chance to indulge in their hobby, sport, or calling.  There were equestrian demonstrations, a belly dancing show (?), pizza sold by the slice, horse-related vendors, and several little ponies.  Even one wearing sparkly pink sneakers.

When the sky darkened and some drops of rain fell, the weather stole the thunder from the horses for a little while.  People were abuzz with reports that hail was coming down nearby, and others joked that being outside under the trees wasn’t such a great place to be hanging out in a thunderstorm.  But the rain never got heavy, and the thunder and lightning passed us by.  Before too long it grew sunny and hot again, lucky for the organizers and stars of the event.

Here is a photo album from the day.  If you’re interested in horses, you don’t have to go farther than Thousand Oaks to get in the saddle.

Day of the Horse


  1. […] That was a pretty long time ago.  Now as a mother of two small boys who is usually too tired and disdainful of LA traffic to go anywhere, I faithfully consult the Acorn’s activity calendar every week to imagine myself attending local events with my children.  Imagine is the key word here, because we are usually too busy with something else—or too lazy—to even attend the local functions.  But every so often we do venture out and the results are usually wonderful, like when we went to the Day of the Horse. […]

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