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In the less than one year since we moved from the San Fernando Valley to Agoura Hills, I’ve become increasingly more reluctant to drive east of Calabasas. Previously, a trip “over the hill” was bad enough, now I have to drive an extra 20 to 30 minutes to even attempt such a feat. That’s why, as my friend mentioned this morning, it has become easier to cross those events that occur in the valley or beyond off the list when I prioritize my schedule.

Tomorrow’s ambitious plan looks like this:

Meeting/luncheon tomorrow in Marina del Rey at 10am.
Pick up kid at 2pm and take him to Westlake Promenade for 1 hour.
Pick up other kid at 3pm and head to the Van Nuys Flyaway to pick up visiting aunt. Return home.
Drive down to Hollywood for networking mixer.

Clearly, this is madness, and I will be cranky and hateful by the end of the day. That’s no way to greet my beloved aunt. If each of these events were on separate days, I could handle them all. Alas, I’ll be sending some regrets and rearranging.

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  1. From one SoCal mom to another…sounds like L.A. living at its finest albeit, frustrating. 🙂

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