Cinépolis Westlake Village: Watch Movies in Luxury

Cinépolis offers a luxurious movie-watching experience. Read to the end and enter to win free tickets!
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When Cinépolis first opened in the Westlake Village Promenade at Westlake and Thousand Oaks Boulevards, I wondered who would pay the extra money to see a movie just so they could sit in a comfy chair and have a server bring food to them during the film.

Answer: everyone. And now I understand why. Over two visits this winter I learned more about the theater and its working style, and I wish I could see a movie like this every time!

When you approach Cinépolis, you feel like you’re walking into a theater, not just going to the movies. The lobby is spacious and decorated with a classy, modern feel. The staff is well-dressed and polite and helpful – they make you feel like you are a welcome guest.

The first thing you notice when you enter is the delicious aroma of waffles. Wait, waffles? Oh, that’s just a fresh batch of their house made caramel popcorn. Refreshments are served at the snack bar but also brought right to your seat once you’re settled in, but I’ll get to that later.

Cinépolis Westlake Lobby

Across from the snack bar is a seating area with bar tables and comfy chairs for lounging under a big screen TV. Another big screen TV hovers over their full bar along the back of the lobby. The perfect place to meet your friends for a bite to eat and a drink before going in to the theater. Or for you to sneak out of a chick flick you’re not really enjoying to check the scores and grab a beer? People can come to Cinépolis just to go to the bar! There’s an adjacent outdoor seating area for those lovely SoCal nights, too.

Cinépolis Westlake Bar

So, on to the theater experience. One of the most wonderful things about Cinépolis is its reserved seating feature. When you purchase a ticket you also choose your seat. Traditional movie theaters offer this option now too but Cinépolis was one of the first to do this in my recent memory. Since you’re guaranteed your seat, there’s no anxiety about getting there early to stake your claim in the part of the theater that you like best (middle of the row, back third). Or, if you decide to go to a film on a whim, you can pop open the Cinépolis app and see what’s available, then purchase your tickets right on your phone. Show your screenshot at the entrance to the theater wing to get in. No printing necessary!

Cinépolis Westlake Auditorium

The 8 screening rooms at Cinépolis vary in size but each is populated with black leather reclining arm chairs. Little side tables with lamps are situated every two chairs, but each chair has its own retractable table for holding your snacks. And like on an airplane, each seat has a button that will summon a server to bring you snacks and drinks.

Cinépolis actually has a full menu – beverages and movie snacks like popcorn and candy, of course, but also actual meals, from appetizers all the way up to lobster rolls and gourmet pizzas. There’s also a full bar menu with signature cocktails (try the Long Island Iced Tea if you’re in the mood) and a coffee and tea bar.

Yes, you can order any of these things while you are sitting on your butt watching a movie. I wondered if this service would bother the audience so I observed the process carefully while watching The Big Short, a pretty dialogue-intense film to which you really have to pay attention to follow well. The servers are dressed head to toe in black, move silently throughout the theater, and crouch next to the seats of the guests who call for them. Since there’s plenty of space between each seat it’s not like they’re in your way. They’re in and out like dark snack angels.

If you find yourself feeling a little chilly, you can even buy a blanket and snuggle up in your comfortable armchair. Beware of reclining, though. You could get so relaxed you’ll fall asleep and miss the movie you came to see!

The Westlake Village location is doing very good business. The manager told me that over the winter holidays the theater was packed all day long for two straight weeks, with film showings ending late in the night. Granted, “packed” just means “sold out” here and with the reserved-seat model there’s no danger you’ll be stuck up under the screen or miss the show because you had to stand in line waiting to get in.

They have special events and promotions from time to time. In December they had Star Wars characters on site for photo opps, and coming up soon there is a Valentine special:

Cinépolis Valentine promotion

Prices for this package of two tickets for premium seating, a bottle of wine, a cozy blanket, and a custom chocolate bar cost around $100 (price varies by location). It’s available on Saturday, February 13 at the 7PM screening of Deadpool and on Sunday, February 14 at the 7PM screening of The Notebook. Tickets go on sale February 1 online. Considering the movie ticket cost alone is $25 each, this is a great deal and a special treat for your sweetie.

I have to say, an indulgence at Cinépolis is pretty awesome. If you’re not used to being pampered, treat yourself to a Cinépolis outing. Yes, it’s more expensive than going to a traditional theater chain, but it’s worth a splurge once in a while, especially for a movie you are really excited about seeing. If you’re used to the finer things in life and you don’t have your own home theater, this is the place for you. In fact, even people who probably do have their own home theaters come here. Celebrity sightings are regular occurrences!

You’ll be the celebrity among your friends and family if you win this set of two tickets up for grabs! Just leave a comment here on this post between now and Thursday, February 4, at 11:59pm. The winner chosen at random from qualifying entries will receive two tickets to a movie of your choosing. Thanks for reading!

180 Promenade Way
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Photos courtesy of Cinépolis. I received two complimentary tickets from Cinépolis USA. All opinions are my own. P.S. We loved the movie. The Big Short is entertaining yet sobering. Recommend.


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