Charmlee Wilderness Park – a Hike For Everyone


Hidden around a bend in the road, the entrance to Charmlee Wilderness Park in Malibu is the entrance to a wonderland of hiking trails, oak groves, a wilderness center, a picnic area, and a special wilderness garden. The network of trails that stretches out from the parking area can take you all the way to breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the houses that people have built here so they could be close to it all the time.



To get there from here:

Take Kanan out toward the beach

Turn right on Mulholland

Stay left at the fork in the road – becomes Encinal Canyon Road

Turn left at the T – this is still Encinal Canyon Road

About ten minutes down the road you see a very small sign that says “Charmlee Park —>” – just past the cliffside is the turn to the right, where you’ll see a BIG sign welcoming you to the park. But if you don’t slow down you’ll drive right past it.

This park was the site of a glorious, exercisey hike with my hiking pal Deb on a blustery morning in early December that turned out to be a gorgeous day.

And then I came back with my husband and kids on New Year’s Day, a beautiful warm sunny day. Both experiences were top notch. The park has plenty of spots to stop and have a snack, and many areas where there are boulders and rocks to climb on, even an old reservoir, and the ruins of an old house.





IMG_0824Horses and dogs may join or pass you on the trail. Bring sunscreen and water if you go! The website says that there is a $4 parking fee, but both times I visited, there were no envelopes in the self-pay box.

If this moment can be emblematic of what is to come this year, I’ll be happy:



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