About Agoura Hills Mom

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About Me

Welcome to Agoura Hills Mom!  I am Kim Tracy Prince, veteran blogger and mother of two.  I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area since 1995 after I drove across the country from Connecticut with all of my possessions in a Honda Accord.  Shortly after arriving, I started working in the entertainment business, met my husband, and decided to stay.


About the Bubble

Everyone knows you move to the Valley to breed.  What they don’t tell you is that you flee the Valley when the kids are ready for school.  Like so many parents we’ve met since we set up house in Agoura Hills, our family chose this area because it seems to offer a better public school experience for our children.

What we’ve found is a little pocket of small-town living on the edge of the madness and wonder that is Los Angeles. We are quite aware that “real life” is not something we can escape, but we revel in being surrounded by natural beauty that seems to shield us from the congestion, pollution, and frenzied pace of life beyond.

About AgouraHillsMom.com

This blog is about living in and exploring Agoura Hills and the surrounding areas with your family, your girlfriends, your husband, or even solo.  If you’ve just discovered this site and you live near us or visit often, consider bookmarking or subscribing so you don’t miss a post! Or come join my Facebook group, Parents of Agoura Hills. It’s fun!

From time to time I feature products, services, and events that experience, enjoy, and recommend to others in the form of features, sponsored posts, social media shares, or a combination of any of the above. Business reps can contact me via email with news and offers at kim@agourahillsmom.com.  Advertisements will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

So far, so good.  Stay tuned for future reports.